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The Berlin Series

Berlin Percussion

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  • Multiple Instrument Concept
    build your own percussion ensembles out of 7 different Snare Drums, 4 different Bass Drums,...
  • Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage
  • Extensive Articulations Sets
  • Uniform Mapping Structure
  • Different Mallets for respective instruments
  • Based on CAPSULE with additional features:
    - Choose between XFade and Velo Switch in any velocity controlled patch
    - True Damping Feature:
    Like a percussionist you´re always able to damp the ringing instrument with specifically recorded release samples
  • 3 sizes of Piatti
  • A 2 Octave range Tubular Bells Set
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.5.1 full
  • 150 GB of samples (75 GB compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches

Berlin Percussion marks another major addition to the Berlin Series. A series well known for its flexibility, detail and its extensive sets of articulations, recorded with first call musicians from world-famous Orchestras at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.
In addition to all the new approaches and features brought by this Collection, it is the sound that makes Berlin Percussion outstanding.
All instruments are recorded in their natural positions within the beautiful acoustics of Teldex, famous for its perfect proportions of reverb for samples and live recordings. A room that isn't too wet to stay flexible with your productions and which also isn't too dry so that its natural acoustics help to blend all the orchestral instruments together as one entity.

With Berlin Percussion we followed the Multiple Instrument Concept that allows you to create your own unique percussion ensembles out of e.g. 7 different Snare Drums or 4 sizes of Gran Cassas. All of them are sampled individually and rich in details and articulations. A uniform mapping structure and articulation set let you easily stack instruments over each other.
All articulations and instruments are preserved in their natural volume balance. Switching e.g. from one snare drum to any other without changing notes in your arrangement is now possible.

The Instruments in Berlin Percussion offer a range of dynamics never heared before and with CAPSULE we were able to create absolutely smooth transition curves between all these dynamic layers to come as close to the real instrument as possible. The propensity to detail, the extensive set of articulations and the different mallets you can choose from make Berlin Percussion a suberb Orchestral Composing Tool which is designed to be used for many a year.

Like all Berlin Series Collections, Berlin Percussion will use the most powerful articulation system CAPSULE within Kontakt which is especially designed to unveil all the potential that lies in our extensive Sample Content.

Percussion + Timpani Bundle

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Berlin Percussion Main does not include Timpani.
Get Berlin Percussion with one of the most extensive captured Timpani ever created in one bundle. "The Timpani" will now become "Berlin Percussion EXP A: The Timpani" with a free upgrade for existing users. Both Collections are available as an attractive bundle deal.

Berlin Percussion Main + Berlin Percussion EXP A: The Timpani

Euro 580.- + VAT
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CHAPTER II: Mallets & Keys

CHAPTER III: Unpitched Metals

CHAPTER IV: Misc Percussion