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The Berlin Series

Berlin Strings

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€ 840.-

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  • First True Adaptive Legato(including 4 legato types: Slurred, Agile (scripted), Fast Runs and Portamento)
  • Up to 24x RR Spiccatos
  • Extensive collection of different short notes
  • Playable Runs and pre-recorded octave runs (tempo synced)
  • Smaller Sections for more definition and detail
  • 4 Mic Positions + Concert Master Mic (Violins I only)
  • Bow Stroke Control (soft, immediate, accented)
  • Up to 3 different vibrato expressions
  • Ostinato Arp Legato (fast leg 6RR and slow leg 3RRs true legato)

  • 129 GB of samples in NCW format (268 GB uncompressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player 5.5.1+or Kontakt 5.5.1+

Adaptive Legato Engine

Berlin Strings features an innovative new legato system which analyzes your performance to choose between four different types of legato:

- Slurred expressive legato
- Agile, fast legato (scripted)
- fast runs legato
- portamento

With velocity you have control over different captured bow stroke intensities (soft attack, immediate attack, accented attack). With the sustain pedal you can add a soft decay to end a phrase. These release samples have been specifically recorded.

Additionally, the faster you play the more blurred the intonation will turn out - like in a real string performance. These blurred intonation effects will be created by specifically sampled articulations.

Via a CC of your choice you can switch between different vibrato expressions.

Please view our screencast "CHAPTER II: Legato" to get further information.

Sections and their Sizes

For Berlin Strings we decided to choose smaller section sizes to keep the definition and vibrato details in the sampled patches.
Several crossfading techniques (dynamic layers, legatos fade scripts, vibrato fading) or playing more than one voice leads to a bigger and pad-like undefined string sound. With smaller sections we´re trying to take this effect into calculation to end up with a detailed, expressive orchestral string section.

Berlin Strings includes the following sections:
- 1st Violins (8 players)
- 2nd Violins (6 players)
- Violas (5 players)
- Celli (5 players)
- Basses (4 players)

Bow Noise & Blurred Artics

Bow Noise
Add natural cc-controllable bow noise for additional expressiveness.

New: Blurred Articulations
We recorded special untuned and blurred articulations, which you can blend as a sonic color to change the impression of the intonation in a phrase.

String Runs

Berlin Strings offers playable runs patches, as well as pre-recorded octave runs, which adapt automatically to your host tempo.