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Soloists II

Nocturne Cello

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Orchestral Tools' Soloists Series is focused on detailed captured sampled solo instruments that reach a degree of expression and realism never heard before.
Selected artists from Berlin were recorded in a Solo-Style dynamic range, with the lyrical expression and the finest tone that is needed to create extraordinary solo lines and phrases.
Now Orchestral Tools introduces the second instalment of the Soloists Series:

The Nocturne Cello
Like the Nocturne Violin, this unique virtual Cello is recorded at the Teldex Solo Booth in a first class recording environment.
The specific acoustic properties of this room lead to a more intimate and direct sound to enable you to place the Nocturne Cello close up in front of the orchestra.
For sure it blends perfectly with the renowned Berlin Series.
For the Soloists Series Orchestral Tools offers an expanded version of their innovative Adaptive Legato Concept to make these instruments playable in the most intuitive way imaginable. From slow emotional legato lines to fast runs - with CAPSULE, the most powerful articulation management system on the marked, everything is possible.
CAPSULE chooses the right out of 14 real recorded legato interval variations depending on your playing speed and performance. With its intuitive playing the Nocturne Cello will shine at every tempo.
All legato transitions are available in normal and detaché to allow the most realistic playing at your fingertips.

A single velocity layer

for the highest expressiveness

Instead of recording fixed p, mf, f layers, we told the musicians to feel free to choose the best dynamic for a solo part. We took care about lively, dynamic long notes in many different expressions.
By using a single velocity layer, we reduced any phasing effect to a minimum to preserve this intimate sound of our wonderfully captured Nocturne Solo Cello.


  • 14 different legato performances at different speeds, expressions and techniques

  • Choose between slurred or detaché playing in any legato patch

  • Many different long notes with a variety of different lengths, dynamics and expressions for a maximum of realism

  • Single Dynamic Layer Concept to reduce phasing to a minimum

  • Recorded at the Teldex Solo Booth

  • 6 GB of samples (2,7 GB compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches

Soloists II: Nocturne Cello is based on CAPSULE for the NI Kontakt 5.5.1 Full version sampler.

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